Natura White Nightstand w/Mounted Desk

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Natura White Nightstand w/Mounted Desk

There is no other nightstand on the market like the one we offer. When you buy our product, you get a desk that is mounted on top of your dresser, or can be easily taken off and used by itself. The Natura White Nightstand offers a unique and convenient way to organize your room when you're trying to find more space for a desk.

The Natura Dresser is a truly unique piece of furniture with its design and satin white finish.
It isn't just a regular 3 drawer white dresser, it also features a desk that can be mounted on top of the dresser as easily as it can be removed and used at a table/desk. When mounted, there is a distance between the dresser top and table top which can be used for storage.

Made of new material only. No recycled material is used in production.
All wood used is FSC certified so its ethically chopped and stored.
E1 Grade glues are used which meet all safety and ethic standards.
Only lead-free, toxin-free paints have been used to guarantee safety for young children.
Manufactured in accordance and compliance with EU standards.


Dresser Dimensions (WxDxH): 33.5" x 20.5" x 37.5"

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